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Consultant Endoscopic Spine Surgeon

Welcome TO Bangalore Spine Care Super Speciality Clinic and Research Centre Bangalore Spine Care is a super specialty spine clinic and spine research centre in Bangalore also know as Bengaluru. This unique spine hospital in Bangalore helps patients affected with spine related problems such as Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain (Spondylosis), Running Pain along arms and legs popularly know are sciatica.

Dr Surendra Shetty a Spine Surgeon in Bangalore is well versed with Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Laser Discectomy. Holmium yag Laser is used for laser Discectomy.

Bangalore Spine Care is the first spine hospital in Bangalore to introduce a relatively new surgical technique namely “Percutaneous Endoscopic Discectomy”.

There is no need to excise any bone or supporting ligaments as is necessary with traditional Spinal Surgery. Incision is very small, just about 7mm. Risk of root damage and dural puncture is very rare as it is done on a conscious patient. Traditional spine surgery called laminectomy and discectomy which involves cutting of important supporting structures like spinous process, laminae, supra and inter spinous ligaments. Long term results are not uniformly good because of development of instability of spine resulting in constant unrelenting back pain.

Bangalore Spine Care, Continuously Bringing in Innovative Solutions

Bangalore Spine Care also facilitates for microscopic discectomy in selected cases
Bangalore Spine Care offers its services to the patients of vertebral fractures resulted due to a fall or due to road traffic accident.

Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty the two relatively newer procedures which involves filling in of PMMA cement into fractured vertebra also is done at spine care bangalore. This procedure is a boon for patients who sustain oesteoportic fracture as a result of ageing. This procedure can also be done for victims of vertebral malignancy (cancer) and cystic lesions of the vertebra.

Bangalore Spine Care also provides various conservative approaches to treat back pain with the collaboration of physiotherapists, naturopath’s and best spine surgeons.

At Spine Care Bangalore emphasis is on diagnosing the exact etiology of back pain and treating according to the specific need. Treatment is targeted to the individual patients need and not generalized.

Ozone Discolysis

Ozone Discolysis is a boon to patients with back and neck pain who do not wish to undergo surgical interventions. Ozone a variant of oxygen is injected into the disc under fluoroscopic control at regular intervals. Ozone being a powerful oxidizing agent, oxidizes the degenerated disc tissue and shrinks it gradually ultimately relieving pressure on the annulus.

Spine Care Bangalore believes that surgery is not the first but the last weapon in treating spine related problems.

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